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Viterra together with Ukrainian partners jointly own a joint venture IGT LLC - one of the largest companies in the region for transshipment of grains and oils, located in Chornomorsk port. 

IGT LLC is the modern terminal which is constantly being upgraded. It has numerous points for intake from trucks and railway transport, as well as  two ship loading machines for sea vessels loading. There is well-equipped production and technological laboratory on site.

Total grain storage capacity, MT  269 000
Grain truck intake capacity, MT/hour 2 000
Grain railway intake capacity, MT/hour 2 000
Grain outtake capacity, MT/day up to 35 000 agw wp
Total oil storage capacity, MT  29 200
Oil truck intake capacity, MT/day 500
Oil railway intake capacity, MT/day 1 500
Oil outtake capacity, MT/hour 1 000
Maximum loaded vessel draft*, m 13


* One pier for simultaneous ships loading on both sides. Two ship loaders. Loading can be performed by two ship loaders on two vessels simultaneously or by two ship loaders simultaneously on one large vessel.

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